Ray's Original produces shelf-stable, healthier, and great quality Thai cooking sauces for retail and hospitality services. Our products have a great nutritional profile and are gluten-free. We sell out of two restaurants and a few local stores in Windsor, Ontario plus expanding markets.

We serve in partnership with these restaurants:

Thai Palace Restaurant
1140 Lauzon Road
Windsor, Ontario
Canada, N8S 3N1

Our Sauces

Available for Purchase

Sauce Size Price
Peanut Sauce 375ml $9.35
Pad Thai Sauce (Tamarind Sauce) $7.85
Ginger Garlic Sauce $6.95
Sweet and Sour Sauce $6.95
Red Curry Sauce $9.05
Green Curry Sauce $9.05
Yellow Curry Sauce $9.05
Panang Curry Sauce $9.05
Salad Dressing $6.95
Red Hot Sauce 125ml $4.49

Vegan & Gluten-Free Information

Sauce Vegan? Gluten-free? Both?
Pad Thai Sauce (Tamarind Sauce) Available. Available.
Peanut Sauce Yes. Available.
Ginger Garlic Sauce Available.
Sweet Chili Sauce Available.
Red Curry Sauce Yes.
Green Curry Sauce Yes.
Yellow Curry Sauce Yes.
Panang Curry Sauce Yes.

Sauce Size Price
Vegan Peanut Sauce 375ml $11.35
Vegan Pad Thai Sauce (Tamarind Sauce) $9.85
Gluten-free Pad Thai Sauce (Tamarind Sauce) $9.85
Vegan Ginger Garlic Sauce $8.95

Our Facilities

Our facilities are available for rental on a short term-basis. Good for catering quantities and cooking classes. Houses a maximum of 12 people.

Contact Us

Ray's Original Thai Sauces
1140 Lauzon Road
Rear Entrance
Windsor, Ontario
Canada, N8S 3N1



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